Scuderia Leone
Difficult EACC start but strong recovery
March 08 2017

The Eurogamer Assetto Corsa Championship got underway this Wednesday at the circuit of Imola. Our Scuderia Leone #3 and #4 Lotus 98t's were ready to go. It was a mixed start of the race but Arne Schoonvliet showed incredible pace to make a strong recovery!

Jack Keithley and Arne Schoonvliet qualified on places 11 and 12, in a tight qualifying session. It then was a slow start of the evening as the race was red flagged and restarted twice. When the race was finally underway Jack Keithley had an unfortunate accident putting him out of the race. Arne Schoonvliet initially had a good start, nearing the top 10 in the first lap. He then got in an accindent early on, dropping him down the order. Arne had to continue his race all the way back from p23 with a little bit of damage to the front wing and the nose of the car!

But that did not stop him from giving it absolutely everything. With a strategy that saw Arne run a single set of mediums from start to finish he charged his way trough the field. Arne, dubbed 'Mister Excitement' by the commentators, quickly moved into the top 10. But he wasn't done pushing as he took p9 and immediately 8th as others started their pit stops. He then pushed hard to get in reach of p7 and moved further up to get into contention for 6th in lap 50 of 60. Then unfortunately a small moment saw Arne drop back to 8th but two strong final laps gave him the opportunity to yet again bring the battle forward and he took back p7!

It was Scuderia Leone driver Hany Alsabti, representing Thrustmaster Black in this championship, who won the race. He took the lead early on and never gave it away. For us it was not the race we would have wanted to run, but what we've learned is that all Arne's endurance racing experience helped him to put a steady but very competitive pace on display! It showed that the car is competitive and that both drivers, as Jack was also quick during the practice sessions, can fight for podiums this championship, which is a prospect we like!

The Eurogame Assetto Corsa Championship gets back next week already when the drivers move to Mexico for 67 laps around the iconic track! You can check out the race in the two Twitch video's below. Eurogamer will do some analysis which we will add to this article when posted!