Scuderia Leone
Tough EACC event in Mexico yields good points
March 15 2017 hosted round 2 of the Eurogamer Assetto Corsa Championship last Wednsesday. It was a tough event for us but we were rewarded with some good points in Mexico. Jack Keithley fought his way from the back of the grid to the top 10 while Arne Schoonvliet yet again showed strong pace!

Jack Keithley had to make up for lost ground, and he had to do so from far back. After the events of round 1 at Imola Jack had to skip qualifying and was put all the way at the back of the grid. But that didn't stop Jack from giving it absolutely everything. He was charging trough the field in similar fashion as Arne Schoonvliet did last week during the first round. Jack was on course for a top 5 position when he suddenly dropped back in the timing was confusing for us at first as there was no reason for the big time loss, but quickly it became clear that Jack was in fact still running withing the top 10.

He got pushed around resulting in him missing a sector checkpoint on the track. This caused Assetto Corsa to skip all further checkpoints until he came round again, putting Jack down one lap of the rest. besides the lap down Jack also lost time as his tires were damaged due to the push off so Jack had to deviate from the intended strategy to come in for some fresh rubber. This meant that he had to stretch out his second stint longer then optimal. We're expecting that we'll get the dropped lap back, which should place him 8th in the results.

Arne Schoonvliet continued his strong showing in Mexico, after a beautiful race at Imola last week. A small moment in dirty air in the final corner (which was still the long banked corner in this classic layout of the Mexico GP) caused him to drop back a few positions. But he pushed on to recover and finished 11th on track to bring home some good points, although that position is pending a shuffle when Jack gets back his dropped lap. 

Scuderia Leone driver Hany Alsabti was back again in the Thrustmaster Black backed car. He took the fight to pole sitter Tuomas Tahtela for an amazing race that lasted to the penultimate lap. Hany showed convincing pace and it looked like he would be able to attack towards the end of the race. But as the pair hit traffic Hany had to push more often than possible, running him out of fuel and opportunities to attack. This forced Hany to back down to keep second place behind race winner Tuomas Tahtela.

Our drivers continued to show strong pace and potential. The Eurogame Assetto Corsa Championship gets back in two weeks time when the 24 drivers visit Canada for 69 laps around Montreal! You can check out all the footage of round 2, the GP of Mexico, right below!