Scuderia Leone
Arjan Veltens claims inaugural SRVN F2000 title
June 28 2017

Arjan Veltens was crowned SRVN F2000 champion on a rainy Le Mans Bugatti Circuit! Ruben Correa Alves finished the championship in 4th after a championship that saw four contenders battle it out until the final stages of the season!

The car used for the inaugural rFactor 2 SRVN F2000 championship, the 2016 spec USF2000, is a relatively simple car. With little downforce and it's small wheels it was very important to use a good driving technique. It really is a car where driver input counts for much more compared to the setup used on the car. The championship format saw a single qualifying session with two point scoring races.

The championship began at Indianapolis. Arjan Veltens could not attent and Ruben Correa Alves was set up just in time to race in the second of the two races. Both Scuderia Leone drivers started the championship with a deficit in points. Over the course of the championship it became clear that both drivers had strong pace. A battle between teammates Arjan Veltens and Ruben Correa Alves, GNCR driver Lars Koldeweij and Sim-Lab Racing driver William Geuze developed. Drivers traded wins and podium finishes and the nature of the car provided very close races. Towards the end of the championship Ruben Correa Alves and William Geuze dropped back slightly, their fight now concerning third in the championship. In the meantime Arjan Veltens and Lars Koldeweij continued their battle for first.

Last Sunday was the big finale, with both battles for third and for first in the championship still to be decided! William Geuze won the first race, with Arjan Veltens in second, Ruben Correa Alves in third and championship rival Lars Koldeweij in fifth. This gave Arjan a small lead over Lars going into the second of the two races. For the second race the top 8 was reversed, which meant that Arjan Veltens started a few places behind Lars Koldeweij. Ruben Correa Alves had a mega start, managing to overtake Lars Koldeweij. Further down the race Lars outpaced Ruben Correa Alves to take back his second position. Ruben was able to keep up to the same pace after he lost his second position as the track became dry.

Arjan Veltes had to work harder to move up the grid and at the time he made his way through the cars between Ruben and Lars the gap was over 4 seconds. In order to win the championship Arjan had to finish directly behind Lars to keep his lead. The two Scuderia Leone drivers wanted to swap positions in order to give Arjan enough points, but they decided against doing that in the opening phase of the race. Ruben Correa Alves pushed as hard as he could to gain on Lars Koldeweij, to battle it out instead of giving in at the start. He closed part of the gap, with only 0.6 seconds between the two, but he was never close enough to launch an attack. So in the closing stages the drivers swapped places in order to secure the championship for the team. Although William Geuze just finished p8 in the second race, Ruben and Arjan swapping positions was enough for William Geuze to take third in the championship with Ruben Correa Alves finishing fourth.

This concluded another successful national campaign at SRVN for Scuderia Leone. Next season awaits the first official Dutch championship as SRVN starts a partnership with KNAF, the Dutch federation for autosport. Whether Scuderia Leone will be part of that is not yet clear, but it's a good development for simracing!

Before the next SRVN season starts after summer the drivers will be back in action Sunday June 2nd during the Dutch SRVN500, a national event that mirrors the Indy 500!