Scuderia Leone
Scuderia Leone enters Dutch GT3 championship
January 13 2018

After a very successful national year, clinching two F2000 and a Radical title over at SRVN, we are joining the official Dutch RFactor2 GT3 simracing championship this year, hosted by SimRace Vereniging Nederland in association with Knac Nationale Autosport Federatie (KNAF)!

As we have 5 drivers lined up this season we've gone back to split liveries. Current SRVN F2000 and Radical champion Arjan Veltens will be driving the #50 Mercedes AMG GT3 in traditional colors together with SRVN Radical runner-up Ruben Correa Alves in the #43 car.

Scuderia Leone drivers Kevin Heijnen and Jeffrey Koopman will be driving the #72 and #39 Ivory cars. They will be joined by Denny Mateman in the #46 Ivory car who is preparing for his second full season at the team.

Although the official broadcasts are in Dutch, we're planning on covering the events in English on our website as well as post race recaps from our drivers.

The SRVN NK GT3 championship kicks off at Bathurst on the 25th of Februari! In the meantime, meet our team: